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Welcome to MoveFlat and the sometimes difficult job of finding somewhere to live ! We are here to help you find a fab place to live in the world's most dynamic and diverse city. Flatsharing is a challenging activity in London due in part to the expense of renting property. As you probably already know there are pitfalls. MovFlat has started over twenty years ago now and over time we have reinvented and revised our technology to assist you in avoiding most of these (we hope!). However finding flatmates is more than about technology. Flatmates can on a few occasions be friends for life: the people you live with may shape your early life to this enormous city and all it has to offer.

We are London

MoveFlat started in London: in Shoreditch. We are 'techies' first and foremost and we love running this site. The founder and owner Julian is very widely travelled and he remarks that London is so cosmopolitan that living in London can 'feel like travelling'. In his view it is such an exciting and dynamic city where there is always something going on and things to see and do, but this is why it commands such a price tag for its properties as well. However, if you have been lucky enough to find a property in the city then you will undoubtedly be feeling the sting of the bills, so why not make it easier on yourself and let other people help. If you have a spare room or two then opening up the space to potential flatmates is a great way to get some help with the expenses faced by living in London. Moveflat will help you to attract quality flatmates that fit your requirements and make sure that they love your flat as much as you do.

Making your advert

Adding extra detail to your adverts is a great way of getting more attention for it. We will help you do this with our new speedy registration. We know that property location is really what everyone wants. But you might be persuaded bu other factors such as transport walking or cycling or price. So we try to think of this for you and furnish the site with extra information to help. You can ignore the information of course, especially if you know eaxctly what you are looking for. But we will help you to think out of the box when it comes to looking for a flat, flatshare or or flatmete.

We hope that Moveflat can find you the people you need to share with or a place to live and help everyone who wants it, and enjoy London to the full. We believe we know London and it's accommodation market quite well. But in the end you will be the judge of that: We love feedback !


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