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London NW3   New to you

London NW3

ANY <£1400

Avail Now

Hi Guys, My name is Maria. I m 34 years old professional. I work full time as a Treatment Coordinator and Surgical Assistant in very busy Private Practice in West End. London has been my hometown fo...

On or renewed 18 January  

London Purley   New to you

London Purley

ANY <£500

Avail 21 February

I am a former academic in my forties, originally from France but who lived abroad, mainly in Ireland, since the 1990s. I retrained to become a counsellor and psychotherapist and currently work for a...

On or renewed 17 January  

London hackney   New to you

London hackney

ANY <£750

Avail Now

hi there, my name is andrea looking for a good size double room in the hackney area, im 41 years old working in the city, i like music gym quite friendly outgoing respectful of other people...

On or renewed 16 January  

London North East or East London   New to you

London North East or East London

ANY <£900

Avail 15 February

Hello, My name's Cara. I'm 37 and I'm currently living in De Beauvoir in N1, with 3 others but would really to move into one place with one other person. I have loads of lovely mid-century furnitur...

On or renewed 14 January  

London Centre and neighboring areas   New to you

London Centre and neighboring areas

ANY <£500

Avail 22 January

Hello. We are two Italian girls looking for a room, preferably with a private bathroom. We are looking for work and a language school. We would like to move to London on 22/01/2020. I would stay for...

On or renewed 11 January  

London London, North London   New to you

London London, North London

ANY <£750

Avail 1 February

Hello! My name's Melissa, I'm a 28 years old knitwear designer and boardgame fiend, looking for a room in a friendly houseshare. I'm currently living in France (I'm French-American, though since Trum...

On or renewed 11 January  

London Hackney, Dalston, Stoke Newing   New to you

London Hackney, Dalston, Stoke Newing

ANY <£850

Veggy Avail Now

About me: I am a freelance Graphic Designer, looking for a bright room with ample storage in a clean and smoke-free house within Zone 1 & 2. The room should come with a wardrobe but can otherwise b...

On or renewed 10 January  

London Zone 2/3, close to a station.    New to you

London Zone 2/3, close to a station.

Hannah and Geri
ANY <£950

Avail 28 January

We are Hannah (35) and Geri (28), a couple looking for a new home. Location isnt as important to us as proximity to a station, as we tend to work in different areas of London. We are both performers/c...

On or renewed 10 January  

London with links to Camden   New to you

London with links to Camden

ANY <£700

Avail Now

22 y/o Professional male - working in Camden. Looking for a flatshare with similar age M or F. Main Interests - Music, Sport, Socialising...

On or renewed 9 January  

London    New to you


A cheerful and friendly person
ANY <£600

Avail 30 January

Hi there! My name is Veri, Im 34 years. I just moved from Zurich to London. I work as a Marketing Assistant for a Swiss-based company. I like animals and wildlife, am keen on music, hiking and traveli...

On or renewed 7 January  

London    New to you


ANY <£530

Veggy Avail 20 January

23yr old Creative Writing MA grad currently working as a care assistant. Looking for a furnished room in a house or flatshare with a friendly bunch of people in vaguely-central-London. I'm easygoing, ...

On or renewed 6 January  

Living in London on a budget can be done; you just need to know where to look! If you have found your way here then you about to join other financially savvy people who are seeking a property to share with like-minded individuals in this fantastic city.

Putting yourself out there

Trying to find somewhere to live in London can be a difficult prospect, but Moveflat is here to help. We offer our Flatshare Wanted service so that anyone who is looking to move into London can post a personal advert that introduces themselves to others who need someone to share their flat with. Putting yourself out there and making sure people understand who you are and what you're looking for really cuts down on a lot of the problems associated with finding a flatshare normally. If people who have the space and need someone to help with their bills can pick you out because they feel that you would be a good match for them, then there is a very good chance you will feel the same way.

Seeking a Flatshare

Of course, if you are trying to move into or around London then you already know how tricky the property scene is in this wonderful city, but what about those who are looking for someone to move in with them. Well the biggest answer is normally to help pay the bills, as you are most likely aware, rental prices in London are incredibly high, but this is the price you pay for access to the cultural hub this city represents. But you don't need to pay for it alone, sharing a property means sharing the expense and this is what allows so many people to enjoy living in London whilst still maintaining a sensible level of expense.

Long and short term

Moveflat don't discriminate over how long your rental needs are. It doesn't matter if you want to stay a few days or a few months, we have lots of interested parties who browse our Flatshare Wanted section every day, looking for ideal housemates. Many of them will happily take in short term flatshares and this can really be an advantage if you aren't sure about each other. It gives everyone a good chance to get to know one and other whilst having a short time span so that if things aren't quite as successful as you'd have hoped, then there are no hard feelings. This is not to say that longer term shares are a bad idea, because if you click with someone, then a shared living arrangement can be a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved.

Honesty sells

If you've ever tried online dating, then you have probably encountered those people who feel the need to embellish their profiles for a variety of reasons, but this kind of behaviour is not welcome at Moveflat. We value honesty and so do all or our users, and as such posting an honest and open request for a flatshare and making sure you let readers know your needs, expectations and budget in advance will help simplify things. We don't insist on a picture as we understand how some people feel about their privacy, but it is encouraged to help all parties make an informed decision. Our ethos with property rentals is very important to us, and this definitely extends to the Flatshare Wanted service we offer. We want to help you move into London, as it is a city we love and are sure you will love it too, and finding a home to share is a great first step towards achieving this, so we hope you'll take that step with us.
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