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London Bayswater flatshare   New to you

London Bayswater

flatshare w2 £850
2F Avail 23 April

We are looking for two new flatmates in a fantastic duplex penthouse flat. It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, living room and kitchen. The flat is in a period building which has just been ref...

On or renewed 5 April  

London Charing Cross flatshare   New to you

London Charing Cross

flatshare WC2N £1500

1M Short Let Avail Now

Single, professional, friendly, British, northern, gay male looking for SHORT TERM flatmate. Short term is up for discussion, can be week to week, month to month. You should be friendly, tidy, cle...

On or renewed 25 March  

London Fitzrovia flatshare   New to you

London Fitzrovia

flatshare W1T £950

1M1F Avail Now

Beautiful furnished apartment in the heart of Central London. The rent includes all bills as well as a fortnightly cleaner. We're looking for a flatmate for our friendly house share in a beautiful ...

On or renewed 4 April  

London Maida Vale flatshare   New to you

London Maida Vale

flatshare W9 £1080
2F Avail 11 April

One of us is moving on, which means we are looking for a new person to join us. The room is available at any time in April 2020! The room available is equipped with a double bed, double built i...

On or renewed 3 April  

London Marylebone flatshare   New to you

London Marylebone

flatshare NW1 £700
3M Avail Now

Double room available in a Marylebone flatshare for 700 excluding bills (which will be c. 90 a month). AVAILABLE FROM APRIL/MAY 2020 (Apologies, no students) The room is furnished in a safe base...

On or renewed 27 March  

London Mayfair flatshare   New to you

London Mayfair

flatshare W1K £990

1F Avail Now

SHARING: Cook together ? Go out together ? This is a lovely flat to still be occupied and rented out. Please do let me know when you can and I will arrange a viewing! Thanks...

On or renewed 30 March  

London Willesden/Harlesden flatshare   New to you

London Willesden/Harlesden

flatshare NW10 £650

1M1F Avail Now

hi, we are a friendly household, looking for a flatmate who likes cats. ( we only have one) i am a holistic therapist and i volentear at the local park as a gardener. Andy is only here in the week to ...

On or renewed 25 March  

In this section you will be able to filter our sophisticated database of available flatshare's in London by their proximity to a certain/your preferred London underground tube line. So, if you want to be as close to Camden Town as possible for example, which is on the Northern Line, then you can filter your search so that you view only the properties that are located nearest to stations on this tube line. However you should be made aware that there are also stations that sit on the Jubilee Line & Piccadilly Line that are within the London borough of Camden, and only a short distance from Camden Town.

This is a great way to browse for properties & be considerably more efficient with the time spent on your search, particularly if you're not a huge fan of commuting a long distance to work every morning. Find the appropriate London underground tube line or lines that accommodate the station or stations that will make your day to day living most convenient, and with luck you'll find suitable flat share's in close proximity. All being well, you will be living in the right location so that your daily commute is at its minimum, saving you a great deal of money that you would otherwise be spending on daily transport to and from work, & more importantly, saving you a considerable amount of time, which is priceless. In the same breath; make sure that you look into local landmarks and amenities as well. – There are some really great places to live in London; each borough having something different to offer.

Whilst using Camden as an example; there are 17 tube stations in the London borough of Camden. You can use Wiki or other resources to get a list of all the relevant stations in a specific borough. So make sure that you do your research and perhaps note down the specific tube lines that will be ideal for your needs and wants. With some prior planning you will be able to search through the flat & house share listings more efficiently, as you will have a clear plan about the filters you should be applying to avoid wasting time viewing properties in the wrong location for you.

Things to Consider When Using the Tube Line Proximity Filtering

If you are someone that is new to this bustling, sizeable city, then it will not be surprising if you view the map of the London tube lines as a bit of a can of worms, or a confusing mess of a maze.

Actually, even anyone having been born and raised in London, will still likely view the tube map as you see above as a bit of headache. There are many different underground tube lines that criss-cross across the City (11 in total), and so as you would expect the result is that there are many instances where there are ‘Interchange' stations where 2 or more tube lines connect at 1 station and passengers can easily switch to get on a tube on an alternative tube line if their commute should so require them to do so. Also you will find that this means in many cases that there will be more than 1 route that a passenger can take to get from A to B, so the savvy Londoner or frequent underground tube passenger will likely know of a few short cuts, sometimes making use of the over-ground train lines that also intersect with the London Underground at some stations. So bear in mind that your preferred flat share location could potentially be in close proximity with several tube lines, and make sure you remember to check alternative lines if your initial filtered search does not bring up any suitable flat/house share listings.

It is important that you also consider the cost of your daily commute and be careful not to get into a situation where you are paying a premium for your travelling to and from work when you needn't be. This can be caused by locating yourself somewhere that results in having to cross over to use 2 or more tube lines when you could otherwise make your journey by just using 1. Or if you rent your room in a flat share that is more central than your place of work, you would be unnecessarily costing yourself a large sum of money because of the price for travelling more centrally being higher. This could be avoided by selecting an alternative property closer to a tube line or station that will avoid you're underground journey from passing through the premium, centralised stations. So, it would be a good idea to study the information you will find on this page of the Transport for London website, which is all about fares when using the London Underground.

It is also worth doing a little research to check if the tube line you have chosen to live closest to is currently undergoing any repairs or construction works as these can sometimes cause extensive delays and result in the respective tube line being closed down every weekend for a long period of time – if this is the case then I would advise you change to select another tube line to live in close proximity to.

To help, we have provided you with a little bit of information about each of the tube lines below:

This District Line route consists of 60 stations and it is one of the busiest tube lines operating across London. It also boasts two bridges that cross the Thames River on the Richmond & Wimbledon sections of the long line, making it the only tube line to cross the river in this way.

As mentioned earlier on within the content on this page, there are also over ground trains that operate in the city, and then also you will find that there are tram lines and of course buses, so one thing you will notice about London, is that there is an abundance of public transport options which is great, however they would do with being a little less expensive if you ask me. Hopefully you will now have some additional information to assist you on your search and hopefully you find what you are looking for, in the ideal location.

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