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Hackney E8 1F £725
W Kensington W14 2bed £1760
Parliament Hill N6 1F £600
Stoke Newington N16 1bed £1150
Bayswater W2 1bed £1500
Marylebone NW8 1M1F £1200
Notting Hill W11 1M £850
Shoreditch/Beth E2 1M1F £510
New Cross Gate SE14 1F £650
Stroud Green/Fi N4 2M1F £600
Hackney E5 1F £750
Southwark, Cent SE1 1bed £1500
Southwark, Cent SE1 1F £900
Clapton, Hackne E5 2bed £2190
Fulham SW6 3M £760
Angel N1 £1400
Finsbury Park / N5 2M2F £521
Upton Park E6 1F £560
holloway N7 1M £850
Isle of Dogs E14 1bed £1400
Finsbury Park N4 3M1F £737
upton park E7 1M £450
Canary Wharf E14 2M1F £750
Bethnal Green E2 1M1F £725
Wanstead E11 1M1F £815
Bow / Mile End E3 2M £670
Stamford Hill N15 2F £580
Belsize Park NW3 2bed £2299
Tufnell Park N7 3M £850
Southfields SW19 2F £720
Lancaster Gate W2 1bed £1495
Limehouse E14 1F £650
Bethnal Green E2 2F £499
London Fields E8 1M1F £700
Bethnal Green e2 2M1F £650
Hammersmith W6 2M1F £550
Gloucester Road SW7 1M £795
Bethnal Green - E1 1M £975
Waterloo SE1 1M2F £928
Bethnal Green E2 2F £775
Dalston/Stoke N N16 1M1F £550
Haggerston E8 1bed £1800
Hornsey / Crouc N8 2F £534
London Fields E8 2M1F £945
Hackney, Lavend E8 2M1F £624
Finsbury Park N4 1M3F £624
Finsbury Park/C N4 2M £683
Islington N19 1F £830
Maida Hill W9 2bed £1600
Hammersmith W6 3M1F £900
Acton Central W3 1M1F £775
Ladbroke Grove W10 2F £750
Highbury & Isli N7 2F £778
Hackney Central E8 2M1F £710
Barnsbury N1 2bed £2100
West Norwood SE27 1F £775
Upton park E13 1M £800
Brixton SW2 1F £750
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