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Bromley-By-Bow E3 1M1F £1000
Hammersmith W6 £1000
Kennington SE11 2M1F £700
Manor House N15 2M1F £580
London Fields E2 1F £599
Leyton E10 1M3F £650
Stoke Newington N16 1M1F £700
East Putney SW15 2M £800
Shepherds Bush W12 2M3F £650
Southwark SE1 2F £750
Islington N1 1M £850
Kensington w14 1F £850
East Acton W12 1M1F £610
Brixton/Camberw SE5 3M £650
De Beauvoir N1 2M1F £500
Camden NW1 1M £700
Islington N7 2F £500
Victoria Park / E3 2F £650
St Johns Vale SE8 2F £900
Stamford Hill N15 2F £550
Canary Wharf/Po E14 3F £700
camberwell SE15 1M3F £630
Clapton E5 2M £540
Mile End E3 1M2F £652
Anerley SE20 1F £650
Liverpool Stree E1 2M2F £570
Barbican EC2Y 1M £900
Hackney / Clapt E5 2F £725
Fitzrovia W1W 3M £758
Limehouse/Mile E14 >5 M/F £560
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