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There are times when we all enjoy our own company or want our own space, and although living with other people can be great fun and there are definitely a lot of perks to it, sometimes peace and quiet are their own rewards. This is not to say that living with others means there can be no relaxation, quite the contrary as in our experience people who flatshare are most often incredibly respectful of each other’s boundaries. However, living alone is just how some people prefer to be and personal choice is something we feel very strongly about here at Moveflat.

Living it large

Given the type of city London is, there are a lot of people who will have extended holidays or work away for months at a time and this means that there are a lot of properties that can be let out. If your budget will extend to doing so, then there are plenty of options in and around London that can help you live in a beautiful flat or even an entire house. At Moveflat we understand how difficult it can be for some homeowners to put their properties out for even short term rental agreements but we ensure that we only allow serious and respectful tenants take up our renters offer. At the same time we also make sure that the adverts posted on your website are detailed and accurate so that any possible tenants can get all of the information they need quickly and easily without having to bother the property owners. Quick and effective listings and communication mean that you can find yourself a flat or house to rent quickly and be enjoying the London lifestyle in no time at all.

Flats not flatshares

It is important to understand that just because a large flat or house is being let out does not necessarily mean that you are entitled to take up the offer and share it with others. Couples are normally an exception to this rule, but if you are looking for a flat or house share with numerous people, do not assume that you can rent a property listed here and then simply all move in. If this is something you would be looking to do, then you must make your intentions known to the owners before entering into any kind of formal discussions as they need to be fully aware and have the right to refuse as the insurance they are required to have for letting is very different depending on how the property is used in their absence.

Community of respect

Moveflat is a place where people can find the property, terms and tenants that they desire, without having to worry about the safety and securlty of their properties. We closely monitor and vet all of our adverts to make sure that everything listed on our site is the best it can be as well as being accurate and informative. We encourage everyone using our services to reach out if they wish to discuss any of the opportunities found on our site, but as is true of our adverts, Moveflat is a community of property users and as with any community we all expect to be treated with respect. Not that we need to tell you that, but it never hurts to say it every now and again.

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London NUNHEAD SE15 £1290  1 Bed flat 556520.htm
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1 Bed Flat SE15 £1290

Whole 1 Bed Flat for rent Avail Now

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On or renewed Mon Jan 17

Zone 2

London Victoria park E3 £1700  2 Bed flat 556057.htm
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Victoria park E3

2 Bed Flat E3 £1700

Whole 2 Bed Flat for rent Avail Now

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Offering my newly furnished 2 bedroom flat overlooking Victoria park sits right on the Her ...

On or renewed Sun Jan 16

Zone 2

London Barnsbury N1 £1650  1 Bed flat 556485.htm
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Barnsbury N1

1 Bed Flat N1 £1650

Whole 1 Bed Flat for rent Short Let Avail Sun Jan 30

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This is a lovely bright top floor flat located in Highbury, within walking distance to Kin ...

On or renewed Thu Jan 13

Zone 2

London Clapton Hackney E5 £1800  1 Bed flat 504184.htm
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Clapton, Hackney E5

1 Bed Flat E5 £1800

Whole 1 Bed Flat for rent Avail Tue Jan 18

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Lovely Victorian ground floor flat with spacious layout and its own private entrance. With ...

On or renewed Thu Jan 13

Zone 2

London Dalston Haggerston N1 £1200  1 Bed garden flat 556618.htm
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Dalston / Haggerston N1

1 Bed GardenFlat N1 £1200

Whole 1 Bed GardenFlat for rent Short Let Avail Now

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Renting our london property from Jan 17th on a monthly rolling contract as our house is cu ...

On or renewed Thu Jan 06

Zone 2

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