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Conditions & Rules for Listing Your Property. How to advertise on moveflat - a guide to getting on MoveFlat

Ads on MoveFlat need to be helpful for the people who are looking

This is a guide to getting an ad accepted on MoveFlat.

Your ad needs to be 'not lazy' and accurately describe who and what is in the flat and the location.

Your ad needs to be helpful for the people who are looking on MoveFlat

Your ad has to be truthful.

That's it. That's all it requires.

It is possible that we may require you to be a little more expressive in your posting here, but we seem to have to prompt about this a whole lot less than we did in the past.

There are certain things that we really don't like and you may already know about these from other people that have used the site in the past.

The most common reason people don't get on the site is that thay have been posting on gumtree or elsehwere possibly for a year or more, assume MoveFlat is 'similar' and type the same stuff into our site.

This is potentially unwise.

It is possible to have your advertisement declined by us if your ad isn't quite what we're looking for.

And that makes an important point.

We host you, not the reverse.

This means it's our site. It doesn't mean you are 'fortunate' or 'lucky' to get on MoveFlat, it just means that we have accepted your ad because we like it and think it will fit well on our site, and we are happy to run it.

General things

It's a bad idea to completely ignore the guidance written in the form that you use to post your ad.

We mean what we say in it :-

Users of the site come here in quite large numbers, possibly because they are tired of the 'leg-work' they have to do in wading through ads that are posted elsewhere; we don't really know.

We do look at ads: We start from the premise that your ad is definitely acceptable.

However if when we read it in detail and something doesn't seem 'quite right' then we will look at a couple of things a bit more closely.

For example if it seems like you haven't really described what and who is in your property then we will look at other things such as whether the location that you have described is accurate and whether or not you have supplied photographs, and whether the photos really mirror your description.

MoveFlat will not suit everybody: if your ad is aimed at a very transient audience such as people visiting the UK in order to travel for instance, then it is unlikely to be accepted.

Your ad needs to be a little bit chatty, and it needs to be accurate.

You should specify interests and occupations beyond 'socialising' and 'professional,' simply because the former conveys nothing to your reader, and the latter means you've got a job./p>

We DO decline to run ads on our site. The commonest reason we do is that (it seems to us) is that the person posting hasn't quite taken on board that we don't do the " It's a friendly flatshare in Church End, close to transport, give us a ring for more details !" kind of ad.

We take a lot of notice of 'Customer' feedback. This is direct and immediate: each flatshare ad contains a button 'is this ad OK' for people to feed back to us about ads. And they do, and we do act on it. These complaints are invariably about one single ad and our policy is to remove it straight away. This is not something you should unduly worry about, unless of course you've fallen foul of other things we've said in a big way.

Ads on MoveFlat need to be helpful for the people who are looking

An ad is not helpful if omits information that could have easily been provided (for instance putting 'various' or 'professional' rather than stating the jobs of people in the flat or putting 'fun' under 'interests.' The reason for this is that on average over one week, five hundred people will click on and view your ad, and it's just not OK that five hundred people every week have to guess what you mean by 'various' or 'professional' or 'fun.'

An ad is not helpful if contains 'truth warp;' N16,Holloway and Archway are not 'Islington' and a 'penthouse' is not the top floor of a local authority block, Lewisham isn't Docklands, Clapham Park isn't Clapham Common, Earls Court isn't Chelsea, Kilburn isn't Hampstead, Shadwell isn't Canary Wharf, Woolwich Arsenal isn't Greenwich, Dalston isn't (quite) Shoreditch and Streatham Hill isn't Brixton. A basement flat is unlikely to contain a 'bright and airy room.'

We're getting a bit prickly about the 'Islington' thing : Please don't put your place as 'Islington' if it's Finsbury Park (for example) because that's a cheap estate agent trick predicated on Finsbury park being in the London Borough of Islington (which doesn't count.) Also get real about this: it hasn't just moved two miles south because you put 'Islington;' it becomes immediately obvious and you completely look like someone who can't be trusted from the beginning.

More background

The large text box near the bottom needs some content. This is for additional information, so don't repeat things in it that you've already taken the time to provide. Use the 'Things you might want to write about' prompt list, and don't over-hype: if you describe everything as 'fantastic' well, we've seen lots of those ads

Lying is extremely unhelpful to people looking for somewhere to live. So misquoting rents or saying you're not an owner-occupier when you are or lying about something else will very probably 'catch up' with you later. We advise you not to go down this route on this site because it offends us enormously and it can catch up with you just at a time when you didn't want it to.

Common pitfalls

The most common reason people don't get on the site is that thay have been posting on gumtree, loot or sites we don't rate much, possibly for a year or more, and scan past the advice about posting at the start of the form on MoveFlat......and disregard it.

The site is different from these others (whether it is better or not will depend on your experience of using it): MoveFlat doesn't regard everyone posting as a 'customer,' we are much more concerned with what is displaying on the site rather than accepting any content.

This is a very important difference: we don't accept all content, and we won't be obliged to say why we aren't accepting it to the person posting the ad, in exactly the same way and reason that you keep a lock on your front door: not everyone can get into your home, and you don't have to say why.

Less common pitfalls

The other most common reason people don't get on the site is ..... nuisance.

If you've irritated us with repetitive postings, silly ads, using multiple e-mail addresses or names for the same room or property, then we're human and we are irritated and in a few cases more than that. In such a case you need to to do exactly the same you do with your friends when you've irritated them: back off and spread your attentions elsewhere for a while.

We're pretty forgiving. But if you keep and keep pushing it, we might not want to make your accquaintance anymore.

And lastly, we're sure this isn't you, if you you're really pushing it and try all sorts of things, then we may feel it is our responsibility to file a complaint with the police. We've done this twice now: PLEASE (please) Posting on websites using multiple aliases is not a good idea presently in the UK. This can get you into a circuit that you might not have thought possible, but these are strange times, and it is REALLY not a good idea on any UK web site.

Also we won't collude with you in evading tax or benefit fraud: MoveFlat as a company pays our due taxes and see that as a good thing. We expect you to do the same. So if we ever get asked about you by HM Government, we will respond in the that way we are obliged to, and we see that as being the right thing to do. We are all too aware that there is a 'twilight world' of property rental and that is very definitely something we don't want to be associated with.

Comments from people looking

People that have either phoned you or visited your property do contact us with comments.

We may require you to correct something in your ad.

It's very rare that it goes beyond this, but if it does, this is what happens.

If there are three confluent complaints from individuals about your conduct on the site, then we will contact them individually by e-mail or telephone and interview them.We will not contact you. By this process we have removed only four of over 200,000 advertisers on this site


You don't have a 'right' to post on

There are 30 London flatshare sites of which nearly all of them offer free adverts for flatshares offered.

Some of them are 'pile it high, sell it cheap.' Others employ rather cynical marketing tactics from a very large western nation, and others are home grown and have copied this. But the majority are smaller, well intentioned, are better presented than this site and could be just what you are looking for.

It's possible that you have been advertising on these free sites for some while, and they have been happy to accept your postings.

But that doesn't mean we have to because your ad isn't working on them..

We may be very happy to accept your ad ... but it doesn't mean that we have to, and sometimes we will decline.

Julian and MoveFlat team
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