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Smoking in accommodation

When I started MoveFlat, I thought this one was going to be really straightforward. Well you can smoke or you can't right ? Wrong. Some people aren't happy to have their property defined as smoking or N/S anymore.

People who smoke in their flat may not want to discourage non-smokers so will invent elaborate rules to woo them. Conversely a flatshare that is non-smoking doesn't want the property labelled as N/S in case that smoker is a brilliant flatsharer.

In a sense smoking has become a pariah activity with people frequently banned to 15m from their place of work. Flatshare and houseshare smoking is a more nuanced affair with some people describing themselves as 'social' smokers : the inference being that this will be away from the property. Sometimes peoples' description of their smoking habits is 'an aspiration' not a reality. In other words 'I intend to give up next week' becomes 'Indeed I don't smoke'.

Largely everything comes down to compromise. Be aware that if you have falsely declared yourself as non-smoker however, you may face a hefty levy on your deposit for dry cleaning of curtains blinds and soft furnishings if you have smoked indoors.

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