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The MoveFlat Flat Share Guide

Avoiding Flatshare rows
Where do I look
What area should I look in
How much do I have to pay for flatshare accommodation
Who to flatshare with
Who not to flatshare with
What is the recipe for a happy flatshare
Smoking in accommodation
What does double room mean ?
Friend or flatshare
Who just left the flatshare ?
Flatshare party
When you own the property and live in it.
Flatsharing with the person that owns the property.
The grand big flatshare flare-up.
Do you want to flatshare ?
After flatshare rows
Do not borrow
Who buys the toilet roll ?
Leaving a flatshare
Sexual attraction in a flatshare
Be aware of the unspoken grievances
Five rules
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Happy Flatshare Guide