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Help with pictures

Help with uploading pictures

If your picture loads, then it is displayed as a tiny 'thumbnail' version instead of the camera icon. The process is entirely automated and the pictures are mounted in your ad straight away.

Uploading pictures over broadband can take MINUTES, because broadband is actually quite slow in this direction.

A 1Mb picture will typically take 20-30 seconds to travel to the server, longer when the internet is busy. If you try to upload more than one picture at a time, it will take longer and your computer may stop altogether !

If a little version of your picture doesn't appear instead of the camera icon, then it hasn't loaded (and we haven't got it.) If a red message saying 'bad file' appears, it means it's a format that won't work: Pictures need to be picture files such as jpeg, gif or png. Adobe .pdf files or Word .doc or .docx files are documents and won't do. Some Apple Mac formats don't load but you should be OK with .jpg or .png files.

It is very rare that there is a problem with the server: when there are problems it is almost always between your computer and ours. the best solution is to try at another time or on another computer at another time.

If you need to rotate your picture (because you rotated the camera when you took it) then either use the rotation buttons beneath each picture thumbnail or in Windows XP and above, viewing the images as 'thumbnails' on your computer (View->Thumbnails) you can right click on the image and select 'Rotate Clockwise' or 'Rotate Anticlockwise.' Alternatively open with 'Image Viewer.'

If your pictures really won't load, you can try sending them to us: saying please (please.)

Help with taking pictures

Remember the point to photos is informing a viewer that a journey to your property and back is worth making.

Decide which are the best points about your place: viewers are reassured by clean light kitchens and bathrooms.

Make the beds and tidy up a bit. Yep, sounds obvious but we've seen otherwise.

A common error is take the photograph facing a window: if you must do this, point the camera away whilst it focusses and then point it into the window. Or stand in the window and face the room. Otherwise the room will seem dark.

'Homely' things like open fires, food, wine, ecstatically gregarious flatmates and furry pets can be a bonus. Candlewick bedspreads, swirly carpets and traffic cones tend to remind working people of life gone by (in a bad way.)