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Negotiating the London rental market

Negotiating the London rental market

As you are  probably only too well aware, there is somewhat of a  shortage of rental property and rooms in London at the moment.

However as of this year it is becoming apparent there is a slackening of demand for rental properties. We think this is related to Brexit and EU nationals losing faith in the UK as a secure destination in which to work and set up home.

New builds have started again and this is evident all over London, landlords will be attracted back into the buy to let market by spiralling demand.    The best way to approach looking is probably to look at all the tube lines  that go out of a station near to where you work, and explore along the locations on that line. We have implemented a search on the home page of this site with that activity in mind. We also plan to bring in a new feature quite saying which will make this search easier and more elaborate. The other option for you is bus routes, and it is worth looking at bus stops around where you work for routes and where those routes go.  Although buses can be frustrating the slow, they do have the advantage that you don't have to walk underground to get them and provided to you have something to do on the bus (studying  your notes from today's meeting of course) then they can be a seated belief hassle free way of getting home.

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