London flatshare and flats to rent

Getting On 2

Julian why are you being a complete pain-in-the-arse about this whole thing ? I'm just trying to advertise a room ?

MoveFlat is an unusual London accommodation site, in that you don't necessarily get on it (although most people do.)

I push this 'quality ad' thing very hard, and I'll admit I have some anxiety about doing so. Nevertheless, I think it is the right way forward.

I know the ads that will move quickly, and those that will hang around. I want you to write an ad that will get a good response from the kind of people you want to live with.

I have a full time job, which is nothing to do with this site, property or estate agency, but I really do look at each of the four hundred+ flatshare ads that get submitted each week.

I've pushed this 'quality ad' thing hard, because I can recognise the ads that will work well: ads that do well, give a lot of information, in a chatty, witty way.

Ads that do badly and hang about, write the minimum number of words and almost always neglect to say anything about the room, the building, the street or the people already living there. And they still expect people to do a two-hour return trip across London after work 'to have a look.'

There is a lingering culture of 'if you say nothing, you won't hang yourself.' This worked brilliantly when people were climbing over each other to get to your front door. It won't work now: if you write nothing, your front door will open only to people no-one else wants.

I also have an interest where my site is concerned. I don't want it to be a site where 2 in 3 ads reads 'Friendly flatshare close to transport, ring for more details.' I really don't want it to be like this.

People come 'shopping' here in big numbers, and (assuming you get on - most people do) you might be glad you took the trouble to post here.

I hope this makes sense. So good luck with your ad.