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Learn About The MoveFlat Experience

We believe that MoveFlat was the first internet 'start-up' with its offices in what is now dubbed 'Silicon Roundabout' - the area between Old Steet, Spitalfileds and Hoxton Square. We moved there in 2006.

This site is about not making journeys across London to look at something that in the end was not worth the journey.

We read what is posted on our site, keep tabs on a number of sources of information behind the scenes, and perhaps in stark contrast to all other sites, we refuse ads that we think don't suit MoveFlat. We are really not very interested in hosting free ads for room sub-lets or room shares.

We want to host ads that are interesting for people who like to use

At a basic level, that means the ads have to contain useful information for people that are looking for somewhere to live.

Unfortunately the residential property business in London can be quite shabby, and sharing property attracts disrespectful operators that we more than occasionally enjoy excluding:-

"Zone 2, wonderful room in friendly flatshare, only 12 minutes to London Bridge, Waterloo. Sharing with 1F1M f/f. Call us!"

"Saffa/Oz/NZ near to transport, fridge-freezer, microwave etc close to transport. Saffa/Oz/NZ only."

"The website insists I write 40 words so here are some more words. And some more words. This is now becoming a pain."

You won't find very much content like this on MoveFlat.

We find that ads like this are disrespectful on every level: they say "We can't be bothered, so ring us and we'll tell you then."