London flatshare and flats to rent

London After flatshare rows,

After flatshare rows

Limit the drama. Resist the moral high ground. They aren't trying to kill you. It's quite easy to make war and just like the TV its seductive and entertaining in the beginning. But it gets tedious. If you kill your flatmate you'll get put in prison. This will severely test your room sharing skills. Your only real weapon is moving out. This might not turn out to be as fatal or wounding as you'd like to think: they will live on and might just conceivably go on to have an enjoyable life without you. This situation is a hell for you of your own making. Don't drive petty conflicts to international war and casting yourself as the 'victim' . All they have to do is walk away into the city. And you are left with your own fury.

Avoiding Flatshare rows
Where do I look
What area should I look in ?
How much do I have to pay for flatshare accommodation?
Who to flatshare with
Who not to flatshare with
What's the recipe for a happy flatshare
Smoking in accommodation
Double room ?
Friend or flatshare
Who just left the flatshare ?
Flatshare party
When you own the property and live in it.
Flatsharing with the person that owns the property.
The grand big flatshare flare-up.
Do you want to flatshare ?
After flatshare rows
Don't borrow.
Who buys the toilet roll ?
Leaving a flatshare
Sexual attraction in a flatshare
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