London flatshare and flats to rent

London The grand big flatshare flare-up.,

The grand big flatshare flare-up.

Best to accept these are going to happen. They are nearly always about one of five festering bigtimes, cleaning and now in big letters CLEANING and again


, people you don't know staying in the house, bathroom am, noise at night and food or drink mysteriously 'disappearing'. Did I forget to mention cleaning ? . The anger and frustration (and real hatred) that grows out of these is because they are trivial. They ARE trivial, but if you are leaving you effluent on the side of the toilet bowl for somebody else to deal with, then basically you are saying to them you are a child, and they are a parent. This doesn't go down well with people under 130 years old: they are trivial issues that you should have learnt to deal with along with learning to ride your bicycle with stabilisers. The people you live with are not your parents and they almost certainly don't love you.

Also its worth saying you are allowed to get fed up with people. It's also worth mentioning that in very very rare circumstances of course they are allowed to get fed up with you.Don't stay in 24/7. It might seem unfair, but coming home to a place in which without fail you are there is well...tedious. When you're sharing with people, having the accommodation to yourself for even a couple of hours a week is pretty essential.

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The grand big flatshare flare-up.
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