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London What's the recipe for a happy flatshare,

What's the recipe for a happy flatshare

Three C's: Consideration,company and cleaning. If you get on with your flatmates then that is a huge bonus. Hogging the bathroom at 0830am on a weekday is an activity that will corrode your flatshare in three days flat.Try cleaning things (like your plates and cups) and vacuuming the living room occasionally.Don't suddenly bring strangers into the property to stay without warning. This is really disrespectful of other peoples' home.

Avoiding Flatshare rows
Where do I look
What area should I look in ?
How much do I have to pay for flatshare accommodation?
Who to flatshare with
Who not to flatshare with
What's the recipe for a happy flatshare
Smoking in accommodation
Double room ?
Friend or flatshare
Who just left the flatshare ?
Flatshare party
When you own the property and live in it.
Flatsharing with the person that owns the property.
The grand big flatshare flare-up.
Do you want to flatshare ?
After flatshare rows
Don't borrow.
Who buys the toilet roll ?
Leaving a flatshare
Sexual attraction in a flatshare
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