London flatshare and flats to rent


Avoiding Flatshare rows

It is important to be aware of ambiguities in the English Language. The following confusions are very common :-

living room sofalaundry basket
living room floordishwasher
living room floorrecycling point for newspapers and pizza boxes
other people's cupboardssainsbury's local
bathroommy ensuite
washing machinemy wet clothes fermentation vat
toilet roll holder'Why isn't there any toilet paper ?'
Hoover bag'I only know how to use a Dyson.'
kitchen sinkvirtual dishwasher
visiting cleanermy mother
boyfriendhonorary flatmate
wallimpenetrable sound barrier
hot waterfundamental right.
friendly flatsharewe need to fill the room

Technology is good for avoiding flatshare rows: own phone lines,mobiles, dishwashers and electric clothes dryers are good. Second bathrooms are even better. Locked fridges are for boarding school however, as are payphones. TV remote controls constitute the usual hazard.

Dial up modems are seriously on the out. Don't advertise WiFi Broadband if you haven't got a clue how it should be connected - this is actually quite important.