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Brexit is bad

A message from us to Boris Johnson and David Davis and to the other 'Brexiteers'

The momentum is no longer with you.

Look at yourselves in the mirror and please ask yourselves: Are you doing this for UK or for yourselves ?

You should worry a lot about what is going to happen now, becausw the political promises you made are a joke.


Earlier in the year MoveFlat wrote :-

Politicians are not telling the electorate that they will be significantly less wealthy after Brexit.

And there are no agreed plans for trade after the exit.

This is a disaster for Britain that is the result of the fiddling and meddling of the political class.

Time for the political hype to die down and amateurish politicians to face the terrible reality of their meddling.

Almost certainly everyone will be a loser from Brexit, but many of the groups that voted for it will be especially disadvantaged. That is truly a tragedy.

Politicians bear a heavy burden for the blame for this.

The evidence is that significant damage is happening

UK growth has gone from the highest to the lowest of both the G7 and EU within just one year. Business investment is markedly down. Jobs are disapearing abroad. The pound has dropped 20% against the dollar and 15% against the euro making all imports (so nearly everything) more expensive.

The deepest irony of Brexit is : the regions that voted most for Brexit have experienced the smallest immigration numbers

This has got to be the most significant and tragic statistic of all. Areas with strong anti-immigration sentiment are commonly characterised by LOW immigration.

The same regions are however blighted by significantly long-term government inattention and low investment, resulting in low wages, low levels of education and high unemployment..

It is the responsibility of government to address such problems and not take a further set of disastrous decisions to distract attention away from their previous failures.

The Political Class: The Government isn't governing the country for the greater good: it is governing in order to remain in power.

A huge political error is looming, with the electorate blissfully unaware of what is about to happen.

The Brexit vote is about failed policies on housing and developing deprived regions and not based on any credible economic argument.

The biggest irony is that these regions will suffer greatly from what the political class is about to do.

For four decades the Tory party has stalled the UK on the Europe question.

This is four decades during which the UK could have quite easily led Europe into a strong democratic free market model.

That didn't happen because of petty Tory in-fighting.

And now we seem to be trusting second rate poltiticians with no experience of a real job to navigate us out of our major export market and years of prosperity with the slogan 'the EU needs us more than we need them.'

In fact the EU won't need us very much because the EU is a trading bloc of 27 countries who can take the 'hit' very easily. We are one country and we almost certainly do need the EU for jobs and growth.

If we leave the EU then people in the UK will be poorer as a result and in 20 years time our children will be asking why France and Germany have twice the living standard of our country.

That is where we are right now.

The politicians

Unfortunately these are people with no experience of real life or a JOB. Both May and Corbyn are political animals who have worked their way up through the Westminster political system. For them, it is very hard to conceptualise that their political decisions and incompetencies will bear so heavily upon the prosperity of ordinary people, especially the young.

Possibly the most disappointing thing is a lack of any leadership quality: a referendum that squeeked through on ridiculous promises and minimal arguments warranted, more than anything else, leadership: many people voting thought the vote didn't matter because it wasn't a general election.

What if .... a stronger Prime Minster

Theresa May is not a strong Prime Minister. A stronger Prime Minister could have spoken directly to the people and explained the reality and faced down her critics especially from within her own party: this is what is expected of policitcal leaders when confronted with difficult decisions: we expect them to show true leadership and rise above it all.

Instead of that, a somewhat weak Prime Minister has chosen to take a 'hard line' and a 'hard Brexit' in order to appease the right wing of her own party. This lady was for remaining in the EU in the past.

Perhaps the Prime Ministers most neglectful mistake though was to fire the Article 50 'gun' (again, in order to appease the right of her party) before formulating any plans of what Brexit was wanted. If one were to look for an example of how this Government is ruling to prop up its own unity and survival, but at the expense of the country's future: this is a prime example.

Remember .... none of this had to happen

Just over two years ago the UK was top of the G7 and EU growth league and the pound bought 15% more goods abroad and inflation was practically non-existant. It is politicians' meddling and stirring that is trashing the economy.

Remember .... what they said and what they promised.

Very important to remember the exact promises of the Brexiteers and what has already been denied or disowned. One by one these fantasic promises are being abandoned or played down :-

"The day after we vote to leave, we will hold all the cards." Michael Gove

"We will be free to neogiate our own trade deals" All brexiteers said this at the time of the referendum. (most have retrenched from this statement subsequently)

On the promise to spend £350m a week on the NHS after EU withdrawal:-

"I never made that promise, I think 'they' made a mistake saying that." Nigel Farage

"It is not a promise broken, I never said that during the course of the election" Ian Duncan Smith

On immigration numbers:-

"The leave campaign never promised to cut immigration numbers and the free movement of workers to and from the UK should continue to ensure Britain remains within the single market"Tory Eurosceptic MEP Daniel Hannan on BBC Newsnight

As truths unfold, The question that needs to be asked every three weeks of the Brexiteers is -Exactly what is now the value of Brexit ?

The fantastic promises of 'freedom' , 'sovereignty' and 'control of our borders' are fading, being dropped or denied. Yet the evidence of very significant damage to the UK's economy and institutions grows day by day.
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